peg [peg]
[ME pegge, prob. < LowG source, as in Du peg, wooden plug < IE base * bak-, staff > L baculum, stick]
1. a short, usually tapering or pointed piece of wood, metal, etc. used to hold parts together or in place, or to close an opening, as in a barrel
2. a projecting pin or bolt used to hang things on, fasten ropes to, mark degrees of measurement or keep the score in a game, etc.
a) the distance between pegs
b) a step or degree
c) a fixed level, as for a price
4. any of the pins which hold, and are used in regulating the tension of, the strings of a violin or other stringed instrument
5. a point or prong for tearing, hooking, etc.
6. a point of reference, esp. an excuse or reason
7. Informal the foot or leg
8. Informal an act or instance of throwing; esp., a hard, accurate throw from a baseball fielder
10. [Brit. Informal] a drink, esp. of brandy or whiskey and soda
pegged, pegging
1. to put a peg or pegs into so as to fasten, secure, mark, etc.
2. to mark (a boundary, claim, etc.) with pegs: usually with out
3. to strike with a peg so as to pierce or hook
4. to maintain (prices, etc.) at a fixed level
5. to score (points) in cribbage during the play of a hand
6. Informal to give support, relevance, or perspective to (an idea, news story, etc.) by relating it to something else
7. Informal to identify or categorize [pegged him as a man of action]
8. Informal to throw; esp., to throw forcefully [to peg a ball to first base]
1. to score points in cribbage during the play of a hand
2. to move energetically or quickly: usually with down, along, etc.
off the peg
[Chiefly Brit.] READY-MADE
peg away at or peg away
to work steadily and persistently (at)
round peg in a square hole
a person in a position, situation, etc. for which he or she is unsuited or unqualified: also square peg in a round hole
take down a peg
to lower the pride or conceit of; humble or dispirit

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